A small menubar app that allows you to switch between R versions quickly (if you have multiple versions of R framework installed). https://rud.is/rswitch
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// SessionWindowController.swift
// RSwitch
// Created by hrbrmstr on 9/5/19.
// Copyright © 2019 Bob Rudis. All rights reserved.
import Cocoa
import WebKit
class SessionWindowController: NSWindowController {
let appDelegate = NSApplication.shared.delegate as! AppDelegate
@IBOutlet weak var titleField: NSTextField!
@IBOutlet weak var nickField: NSTextField!
@IBAction func deletePressed(_ sender: Any) {
appDelegate.sess.deleteSession(title: nickField.stringValue)
self.window?.windowController = nil
override func windowDidLoad() {
// Implement this method to handle any initialization after your window controller's window has been loaded from its nib file.