A small menubar app that allows you to switch between R versions quickly (if you have multiple versions of R framework installed). https://rud.is/rswitch
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3 years ago
// MenuAction.swift
// RSwitch
// Created by hrbrmstr on 8/30/19.
// Copyright © 2019 Bob Rudis. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import Cocoa
extension AppDelegate {
@objc func browseFromMenu(_ sender: NSMenuItem) {
let url = (sender.representedObject as! BrowseMenuAction).url
3 years ago
@objc func rswitch_help(_ sender: NSMenuItem) {
NSWorkspace.shared.open(URL(string: "https://rud.is/rswitch/guide/")!)
3 years ago
class BrowseMenuAction {
public var title : String
public var selector : Selector
public var keyEquivalent : String
public var url : URL
private static let webItemsR = [
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R for macOS…", url: "https://mac.r-project.org/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R for macOS CRAN…", url: "https://cran.rstudio.org/bin/macosx/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R-SIG-Mac Archives…", url: "https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-sig-mac/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R-devel News…", url: "https://developer.r-project.org/blosxom.cgi/R-devel/NEWS"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R-Forge macOS Subversion…", url: "http://svn.rforge.net/osx/trunk/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R-Project R GUI Subversion…", url: "https://svn.r-project.org/R-packages/trunk/Mac-GUI/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Bioconductor…", url: "https://www.bioconductor.org/")
3 years ago
private static let webItemsExt = [
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R Package Documentation (rdrr.io)…", url: "https://rdrr.io/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R Compiler Tools for Rcpp on macOS…", url: "https://thecoatlessprofessor.com/programming/cpp/r-compiler-tools-for-rcpp-on-macos/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Rseek…", url: "https://rseek.org"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R StackOverflow…", url: "https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/r"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "ROpenSci Discuss…", url: "https://discuss.ropensci.org/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "RStudio Community…", url: "https://community.rstudio.com/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "RStudio macOS Dailies…", url: "https://dailies.rstudio.com/rstudio/oss/mac/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Unofficial R-O GitHub CRAN Mirror…", url: "https://github.com/cran"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "XQuartz (X11 for macOS)…", url: "https://www.xquartz.org/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Homebrew (macOS Package Manager)…", url: "https://brew.sh/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Apple Developer Portal…", url: "https://developer.apple.com/")
3 years ago
3 years ago
private static let webItemsMan = [
BrowseMenuAction(title: "An Introduction to R…", url: "file:///Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/doc/manual/R-intro.html"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R Data Import/Export…", url: "file:///Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/doc/manual/R-data.html"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R Installation and Administration…", url: "file:///Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/doc/manual/R-admin.html"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Writing R Extensions…", url: "file:///Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/doc/manual/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "The R language definition…", url: "file:///Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/doc/manual/R-exts.html"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R Internals…", url: "file:///Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources/doc/manual/R-ints.html")
3 years ago
private static let webItemsBook = [
BrowseMenuAction(title: "A moderndive into R and the tidyverse…", url: "https://moderndive.com/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Advanced R…", url: "https://adv-r.hadley.nz/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown…", url: "https://bookdown.org/yihui/bookdown/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Data Visualization: A practical introduction…", url: "https://socviz.co/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Efficient R programming…", url: "https://csgillespie.github.io/efficientR/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Forecasting: Principles and Practice…", url: "https://otexts.com/fpp2/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Fundamentals of Data Visualization…", url: "https://serialmentor.com/dataviz/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Geocomputation with R…", url: "https://geocompr.robinlovelace.net/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis…", url: "https://ggplot2-book.org/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Hands-On Programming with R…", url: "https://rstudio-education.github.io/hopr/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Happy Git and GitHub with R…", url: "https://happygitwithr.com/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Modern R with the tidyverse", url: "https://b-rodrigues.github.io/modern_R/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R for Data Science…", url: "https://r4ds.had.co.nz"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R Gaphics Cookbook…", url: "https://r-graphics.org/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R Markdown: The Definitive Guide…", url: "https://bookdown.org/yihui/rmarkdown/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "R Packages…", url: "http://r-pkgs.had.co.nz/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Rcpp for Everyone…", url: "https://teuder.github.io/rcpp4everyone_en/"),
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R…", url: "http://spacetimewithr.org/"),
3 years ago
BrowseMenuAction(title: "Text Mining with R…", url: "https://www.tidytextmining.com/")
3 years ago
init(title: String, url: String, selector: String = "browseFromMenu", keyEquivalent: String = "") {
self.title = title
self.url = URL(string: url)!
self.selector = Selector((selector+":"))
self.keyEquivalent = keyEquivalent
public func asMenuItem() -> NSMenuItem {
let mi = NSMenuItem(title: title, action: selector, keyEquivalent: keyEquivalent)
mi.representedObject = self
public static func populateWebItems(menu : NSMenu) {
let webDropdown = NSMenuItem(title: "Web resources", action: nil, keyEquivalent: "")
let webSub = NSMenu()
menu.setSubmenu(webSub, for: webDropdown)
for item in webItemsR { webSub.addItem(item.asMenuItem()) }
for item in webItemsExt { webSub.addItem(item.asMenuItem()) }
3 years ago
public static func populateLocalRManualsItems(menu : NSMenu) {
let manDropdown = NSMenuItem(title: "R Manuals (local)", action: nil, keyEquivalent: "")
let manSub = NSMenu()
menu.setSubmenu(manSub, for: manDropdown)
for item in webItemsMan { manSub.addItem(item.asMenuItem()) }
public static func populateRBooksItems(menu : NSMenu) {
let bookDropdown = NSMenuItem(title: "R Books", action: nil, keyEquivalent: "")
let bookSub = NSMenu()
menu.setSubmenu(bookSub, for: bookDropdown)
for item in webItemsBook { bookSub.addItem(item.asMenuItem()) }
3 years ago