A small menubar app that allows you to switch between R versions quickly (if you have multiple versions of R framework installed). https://rud.is/rswitch
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  • Added checks for network availability
  • Added command-line switcher
  • Supports file uploads to and exports from RStudio Server
  • Added more web resource URLs
  • Added Preference to always check/force that RStudio owns .R and .Rmd files


  • Use Notification Center vs alerts for everything but super-fatal errors
  • More informative notification messages, especially on errors
  • Notification for what the switched-to R version is
  • Menu items that provide download capability grey out when a download is in-progress
  • Downloaded file(s) now hilighted/selected in Finder window post-download
  • Added launcher menu items for RStudio and R GUI
  • Added a cpl more handy URLs


  • revamped app icon
  • revamped menubar icon (shld work better on light/dark switching)
  • handles existing filenames in a cleaner fashion
  • more informative download alerts


  • numbered key equivalents (up to 9)
  • added shortcuts to various useful macOS R resources
  • added ability to download latest RStudio daily and latest macOS r-devel tar.gz


  • About dialog (to ensure icon author gets credit)


  • Initial version