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// UnicodeScalar.swift
// SwiftSoup
// Created by Nabil Chatbi on 14/11/16.
// Copyright © 2016 Nabil Chatbi. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
private let uppercaseSet = CharacterSet.uppercaseLetters
private let lowercaseSet = CharacterSet.lowercaseLetters
private let alphaSet = CharacterSet.letters
private let alphaNumericSet = CharacterSet.alphanumerics
private let symbolSet = CharacterSet.symbols
private let digitSet = CharacterSet.decimalDigits
extension UnicodeScalar {
public static let Ampersand: UnicodeScalar = "&"
public static let LessThan: UnicodeScalar = "<"
public static let GreaterThan: UnicodeScalar = ">"
public static let Space: UnicodeScalar = " "
public static let BackslashF: UnicodeScalar = UnicodeScalar(12)
public static let BackslashT: UnicodeScalar = "\t"
public static let BackslashN: UnicodeScalar = "\n"
public static let BackslashR: UnicodeScalar = "\r"
public static let Slash: UnicodeScalar = "/"
public static let FormFeed: UnicodeScalar = "\u{000B}"// Form Feed
public static let VerticalTab: UnicodeScalar = "\u{000C}"// vertical tab
func isMemberOfCharacterSet(_ set: CharacterSet) -> Bool {
return set.contains(self)
/// True for any space character, and the control characters \t, \n, \r, \f, \v.
var isWhitespace: Bool {
switch self {
case UnicodeScalar.Space, UnicodeScalar.BackslashT, UnicodeScalar.BackslashN, UnicodeScalar.BackslashR, UnicodeScalar.BackslashF: return true
case UnicodeScalar.FormFeed, UnicodeScalar.VerticalTab: return true // Form Feed, vertical tab
default: return false
/// `true` if `self` normalized contains a single code unit that is in the categories of Uppercase and Titlecase Letters.
var isUppercase: Bool {
return isMemberOfCharacterSet(uppercaseSet)
/// `true` if `self` normalized contains a single code unit that is in the category of Lowercase Letters.
var isLowercase: Bool {
return isMemberOfCharacterSet(lowercaseSet)
var uppercase: UnicodeScalar {
let str = String(self).uppercased()
return str.unicodeScalar(0)