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\title{Mortality Surveillance Data from the National Center for Health Statistics (deprecated)}
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The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) collects and disseminates the Nation's
official vital statistics. These statistics are based on data provided to NCHS through
contracts with the vital registration systems operated in the various jurisdictions
legally responsible for the registration of deaths (i.e., death certificates) and other
vital events. These data have previously only been released as annual final data files
12 months or more after the end of the data year. Recent NCHS efforts to improve the
timeliness of jurisdiction reporting and modernize the national vital statistics
infrastructure have created a system capable of supporting near real-time surveillance.
Capitalizing on these new capabilities, NCHS and CDC’s Influenza Division have
partnered to pilot the use of NCHS mortality surveillance data for Pneumonia and
Influenza (P&I) mortality surveillance.
NCHS mortality surveillance data are presented by the week the death occurred.
Nationally P&I percentages are released two weeks after the week of death to allow for
collection of enough data to produce a stable P&I percentage at the national level.
Collection of complete data is not expected, and reliable P&I ratios are not expected
at the region and state level within this two week period. State and Region level
counts will be released only after 20% of the expected number of deaths are reported
through the system.