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  boB Rudis 1f5996af24
Fixes #25 1 month ago
  boB Rudis c2b16f4911
0.9.1 7 months ago
  boB Rudis 8831b9a87e
Merge pull request #22 from asbates/consistent-week-naming 1 year ago
  Andrew Bates befce81722 rename `pi_mortality` columns regarding week to `week_*` instead of `wk_*` for consistency with `ilinet` 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 28c0494609
pkgdown 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 2b6698f1c2
merge 0.9.0 to master 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 11cec11ecd
Merge pull request #20 from hrbrmstr/0.9.0 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 7aa4ea43bb
10th times a charm? 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 183f7f0a6a
working on travis before CRAN 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 7874b88902
working on travis before CRAN 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 86a027629f
updated examples and travis config 1 year ago
  boB Rudis dc7f1df791
added tests for conditions identified in #19 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 768c13fc41
working on #19 1 year ago
  boB Rudis da78db0f2b
Merge branch 'master' of bigd:hrbrmstr/cdcfluview 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 085cdfd087
Merge pull request #18 from bastistician/add-me 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 3f63ec5d6b update years 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer b38e9524b8 drop redundant quotes 2 years ago
  Sebastian Meyer 06ed6baa91 add myself as ctb (following #17) 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 29589318c4
Implemented fix to compensate for MMWRweek's US-centric assumption by bastistician 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 83acee783e
modified tests 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 2d6cf42c15
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hrbrmstr/cdcfluview 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 5deb1f19bf
API endpoint removal due to loss on CDC portal 2 years ago
  boB Rudis cd44d8f293
Merge pull request #14 from jjchern/master 2 years ago
  jjchern b7a555e2de Update DESCRIPTION 2 years ago
  jjchern 8f44bcfd15 Transform markdown code in a mannual page 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 3b57ff19cd
CRAN release prep 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 44c7fb778a
forgot to update .Rbuildignore 3 years ago
  boB Rudis bfe7c62605
README + more tests 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 26d6713e42
Old API functions restored & deprecated; new tests added; CRAN checks pass 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 4c86235cca
added years parameter to who-nvress 3 years ago
  boB Rudis e2dbab21de
added years parameter to pi-mortality 3 years ago
  boB Rudis d01e43ddfa
added years parameter to ili-weekly-state 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 4c61b8734d
added years parameter to geographic spread 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 6fb3c0dbb8
added years parameter to hospitalizations 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 3922f6bd85
added years parameter to agdipt 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 6155472855
ilinet years parameter added 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 678ff74e19
whitepace removal 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 1a9b99ac60
README 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 6f1faf27f2
data cleanup/normalization; MMWRweeks integration; better README 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 601179e949
mmwr tweaks 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 3b143cc66d
enhancements to maps and incorporating MMWR week calcs 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 1d23e12e21
test harness 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 38e165c913
APFS file name bug 3 years ago
  boB Rudis e9357d4b7d
fixing Travis due to new sf dep 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 369243b85a
README examples 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 441eee2e36
git fixed 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 99396a2bb3
fixing git 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 3668afd39e
totally borked git 3 years ago
  boB Rudis c0ce51942c
new API coverage & CRAN checks 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 9cae6fca71
initial commit 3 years ago