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# CDC U.S. region names to ID map
.region_map <- c(national=3, hhs=1, census=2, state=5)
# CDC hospital surveillance surveillance area name to internal pkg use map
.surv_map <- c(`FluSurv-NET`="flusurv", `EIP`="eip", `IHSP`="ihsp")
.surv_rev_map <- c(flusurv="FluSurv-NET", eip="EIP", ihsp="IHSP")
# CDC P&I mortality GepID mapping
.geoid_map <- c(national="1", state="2", region="3")
# Our bot's user-agent string
.cdcfluview_ua <- "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; R-cdcvluview Bot/2.0;"
# CDC Basemap
.cdc_basemap <- ""