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cdcfluview 0.7.0

  • The CDC changed most of their API endpoints to support a new HTML interface. There are many breaking changes but also many new data endpoints.

cdcfluview 0.5.2

  • Modified behavior of get_flu_data() to actually grab current flu season year if a single year was specified and it is the current year and the return is a 0 length data frame (fixes #7)
  • Added code coverage tests for all API functions.

cdcfluview 0.5.1

  • Replaced http URLs with https as http ones no longer work (fixes #6)
  • Fixed State data download (CDC changed the hidden API)

cdcfluview 0.5.0

  • Fixed issue with WHO data format change
  • Added Mortality Surveillance Data retrieval function
  • Switched to readr::read_csv() and since it handles column names better this will break your scripts until you use the new column names.

cdcfluview 0.4.0

  • First CRAN release