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### :mask: cdcfluview - Retrieve U.S. Flu Season Data from the CDC FluView Portal


**NOTE** If there's a particular data set from that you want and that isn't in the package, please file it as an issue and be as specific as you can (screen shot if possible).


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) maintains a [portal]( for accessing state, regional and national influenza statistics. The portal's Flash interface makes it difficult and time-consuming to select and retrieve influenza data. This package provides functions to access the data provided by the portal's underlying API.

The following functions are implemented:

- `get_flu_data`: Retrieves state, regional or national influenza statistics from the CDC
- `get_state_data`: Retrieves state/territory-level influenza statistics from the CDC
- `get_weekly_flu_report`: Retrieves (high-level) weekly influenza surveillance report from the CDC
- `get_mortality_surveillance_data` : (fairly self explanatory but also pretty new to the pkg and uses data from:

The following data sets are included:

- `hhs_regions` HHS Region Table (a data frame with 59 rows and 4 variables)
- `census_regions` Census Region Table (a data frame with 51 rows and 2 variables)

### News

- See NEWS
- Version 0.4.0 - [CRAN release](
- Version released : another fix for the CDC API (for region parameter); added data files for HHS/Census region lookups; added weekly high-level flu report retrieval
- Version 0.3 released : fix for the CDC API (it changed how year & region params are encoded in the request)
- Version 0.2.1 released : bumped up `httr` version # requirement in `DESCRIPTION` (via Issue [1](
- Version 0.2 released : added state-level data retrieval
- Version 0.1 released

### Installation

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# **OR**

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### Usage

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# current verison

flu <- get_flu_data("hhs", sub_region=1:10, "ilinet", years=2014)

state_flu <- get_state_data(years=2014)

gg <- ggplot(flu, aes(x=WEEK, y=`% WEIGHTED ILI`, group=REGION))
gg <- gg + geom_line()
gg <- gg + facet_wrap(~REGION, ncol=2)
gg <- gg + theme_bw()

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dat <- get_flu_data(region="hhs",

dat %>%
labels=c("Boston", "New York",
"Philadelphia", "Atlanta",
"Chicago", "Dallas",
"Kansas City", "Denver",
"San Francisco", "Seattle"),
ordered=TRUE)) %>%
mutate(season_week=ifelse(WEEK>=40, WEEK-40, WEEK),
sprintf("%d-%d", YEAR-1, YEAR),
sprintf("%d-%d", YEAR, YEAR+1))) -> dat

prev_years <- dat %>% filter(season != "2014-2015")
curr_year <- dat %>% filter(season == "2014-2015")

curr_week <- tail(dat, 1)$season_week

gg <- ggplot()
gg <- gg + geom_point(data=prev_years,
aes(x=season_week, y=`% WEIGHTED ILI`, group=season),
color="#969696", size=1, alpha=0.25)
gg <- gg + geom_point(data=curr_year,
aes(x=season_week, y=`% WEIGHTED ILI`, group=season),
color="red", size=1.25, alpha=1)
gg <- gg + geom_line(data=curr_year,
aes(x=season_week, y=`% WEIGHTED ILI`, group=season),
size=1.25, color="#d7301f")
gg <- gg + geom_vline(xintercept=curr_week, color="#d7301f", size=0.5, linetype="dashed", alpha=0.5)
gg <- gg + facet_wrap(~REGION, ncol=3)
gg <- gg + labs(x=NULL, y="Weighted ILI Index",
title="ILINet - 1999-2015 year weighted flu index history by CDC region\nWeek Ending Jan 3, 2015 (Red == 2014-2015 season)\n")
gg <- gg + theme_bw()
gg <- gg + theme(panel.grid=element_blank())
gg <- gg + theme(strip.background=element_blank())
gg <- gg + theme(axis.ticks.x=element_blank())
gg <- gg + theme(axis.text.x=element_blank())

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gg_s <- state_flu %>%
filter(WEEKEND=="Jan-03-2015") %>%
select(state=STATENAME, value=ACTIVITY.LEVEL) %>%
filter(!(state %in% c("Puerto Rico", "New York City"))) %>% # need to add PR to statebins
mutate(value=as.numeric(gsub("Level ", "", value))) %>%
statebins(brewer_pal="RdPu", breaks=4,
labels=c("Minimal", "Low", "Moderate", "High"),
legend_position="bottom", legend_title="ILI Activity Level") +
ggtitle("CDC State FluView (2015-01-03)")

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### Test Results

```{r message=FALSE}