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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/mmwr-map.r
\title{Convert a Date to an MMWR weekday}
mmwr_weekday(x, abbr = FALSE)
\item{x}{a vector of \code{Date} objects or a character vector in \code{YYYY-mm-dd} format.}
\item{abbr}{(logical) if \code{TRUE}, return abbreviated weekday names, otherwise full
weekday names (see Note).}
ordered factor
This is a reformat and re-export of a function in the \code{MMWRweek} package.
It provides a snake case version of its counterpart, produces a \code{factor} of
weekday names (Sunday-Saturday).
Weekday names are explicitly mapped to "Sunday-Saturday" or "Sun-Sat" and
do not change with your locale.
mwday <- mmwr_weekday(Sys.Date())