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cdcfluview 0.9.4

  • the CDC FluView hidden API changed the returned value structure for the age_group_distribution() function endpoint. There is now a new column incl_wkly_rates_and_strata in the returned data frame. Fixes #28 and CRAN failures.
  • fixed age_label in hospitalizations() (different calls to the hidden API for this function return different levels depending on the input parameters so it is no longer a factor.)

cdcfluview 0.9.2

  • Underlying hidden API changed (h/t @Ian-McGovern#25 & CRAN & Travis) for age_group_distribution() so this has been fixed and the warnings for dplyr::progress_estimated() were also fixed.

cdcfluview 0.9.1

  • renamed pi_mortality columns regarding the week to week_* instead of wk_* for consistency with ilinet (#21).
  • fixed CRAN check errors

cdcfluview 0.9.0

  • fix bug in epiweek computation in ilinet() thanks to a bug report by @jturtle (#19)
  • included cloc metrics and refreshed README

cdcfluview 0.7.0

  • The CDC changed most of their API endpoints to support a new HTML interface and re-jiggered the back-end API. Craig McGowan updated the old cdcfluview API function to account for the changes. However, the new API endpoints provided additional data features and it seemed to make sense to revamp the package to fit more in line with the way the APIs were structured. Legacy cdcfluview functions have been deprecated and will display deprecation messages when run. The new cdcfluview package API changes a few things about how you work with the data but the README and examples show how to work with it.

cdcfluview 0.5.2

  • Modified behavior of get_flu_data() to actually grab current flu season year if a single year was specified and it is the current year and the return is a 0 length data frame (fixes #7)
  • Added code coverage tests for all API functions.

cdcfluview 0.5.1

  • Replaced http URLs with https as http ones no longer work (fixes #6)
  • Fixed State data download (CDC changed the hidden API)

cdcfluview 0.5.0

  • Fixed issue with WHO data format change
  • Added Mortality Surveillance Data retrieval function
  • Switched to readr::read_csv() and since it handles column names better this will break your scripts until you use the new column names.

cdcfluview 0.4.0

  • First CRAN release