Perform Secure-by-default or Woefully Insecure ‘DNS’ Queries
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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/set-transports.R
\title{Specifies what transport(s) is/ar used for DNS lookups}
gdns_set_transports(gctx, transports = c("tls", "udp", "tcp"))
\item{gctx}{gdns resolver context created with \code{\link[=gdns_resolver]{gdns_resolver()}}}
\item{transports}{character vector of any/all of "\code{udp}", "\code{tcp}" or "\code{tls}".
Order matters as it specifies that the library will use to try to
perform the lookups.}
Specifies what transport(s) is/ar used for DNS lookups
x <- gdns_context()
x <- gdns_set_transports(x, "tls")