Perform Secure-by-default or Woefully Insecure ‘DNS’ Queries
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\title{Built-in list of DoH Servers}
\format{An object of class \code{list} of length 11.}
The \code{url} element has the URL for \code{GET}/\code{POST} requests and
the \code{extra_params} element has any needed query parameters
for \code{GET} requests.
The list so far.
\item \code{google}: \url{}
\item \code{cloudflare}: \url{}
\item \code{quad9}: \url{}
\item \code{securedns_eu}: \url{}
\item \code{dnswarden_adblock}: \url{}
\item \code{dnswarden_uncensored}: \url{}
\item \code{cleanbrowsing_security}: \url{}
\item \code{cleanbrowsing_family}: \url{}
\item \code{cleanbrowsing_adult}: \url{}
\item \code{power_dns}: \url{}
\item \code{appliedprivacy}: \url{}