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cloc 0.3.5

  • upgraded bundled to 1.86
  • switched from system() to processx::run() package-wide to address #10

cloc 0.3.0

  • upgraded bundled to 1.80

cloc 0.2.0

  • included a custom script (cloc pending PR that adds support for R Markdown (Rmd) files. Only the lines of code between the triple-backticks code blocks are included. THe resultant "language" type is Rmd as the code blocks could be anything. The results will only be fully accurate for R/Python-ish syntax languages (i.e. the ones supporting the basic cloc rules for those languages) but they should be accurate enough for rough estimates for other languages used in Rmd code blocks.
  • URLs as sources work in more functions now
  • cloc_git() can now clone repo when using git:// URLs
  • removed dplyr dependency
  • created an RStudio addin to enable reducing the active Rmd document to just code (in a new document)

cloc 0.1.0

  • added support for many features
  • overhaul to resurrect the package
  • upgraded to latest (1.74) cloc perl utility (@maelle)


  • initial version