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# decapitated
Headless ‘Chrome’ Orchestration
5 years ago
## Description
5 years ago
The ‘Chrome’ browser <> has a headless
mode which can be instrumented programmatically. Tools are provided to
perform headless ‘Chrome’ instrumentation on the command-line, including
retrieving the javascript-executed web page, PDF output or screen shot
of a URL.
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5 years ago
You'll need to set an envrionment variable `HEADLESS_CHROME` to use this package.
5 years ago
If this value is not set, a location heuristic is used on package start which looks
for the following depending on the operating system:
5 years ago
- Windows(32bit): `C:/Program Files/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe`
- Windows(64bit): `C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe`
- macOS: `/Applications/Google\\ Chrome`
- Linux: `/usr/bin/google-chrome`
5 years ago
If a verification test fails, you will be notified.
**It is HIGHLY recommended** that you use `decapitated::download_chromium()` to use
a standalone version of Chrome with this packge for your platform.
It's best to use `~/.Renviron` to store this value.
5 years ago
## Working around headless Chrome & OS security restrictions:
Security restrictions on various operating systems and OS configurations
can cause headless Chrome execution to fail. As a result, headless
Chrome operations should use a special directory for `decapitated`
package operations. You can pass this in as `work_dir`. If `work_dir` is
`NULL` a `.rdecapdata` directory will be created in your home directory
and used for the data, crash dumps and utility directories for Chrome
`tempdir()` does not always meet these requirements (after testing on
various macOS 10.13 systems) as Chrome does some interesting attribute
setting for some of its file operations.
If you pass in a `work_dir`, it must be one that does not violate OS
security restrictions or headless Chrome will not function.
## Helping it “always work”
The three core functions have a `prime` parameter. In testing (again,
especially on macOS), I noticed that the first one or two requests to a
URL often resulted in an empty `<body>` response. I don’t use Chrome as
5 years ago
my primary browser anymore so I’m not sure if that has something to do
5 years ago
with it, but requests after the first one or two do return content. The
`prime` parameter lets you specify `TRUE`, `FALSE` or a numeric value
that will issue the URL retrieval multiple times before returning a
result (or generating a PDF or PNG). Until there is more granular
control over the command-line execution of headless Chrome.
5 years ago
## What’s in the tin?
5 years ago
The following functions are implemented:
### CLI-based ops
- `downlaod_chromium`: Download a standalone version of Chromium (recommended)
- `chrome_dump_pdf`: "Print" to PDF
- `chrome_read_html`: Read a URL via headless Chrome and return the raw or rendered '<body>' 'innerHTML' DOM elements
- `chrome_shot`: Capture a screenshot
- `chrome_version`: Get Chrome version
- `get_chrome_env`: get an envrionment variable 'HEADLESS_CHROME'
- `set_chrome_env`: set an envrionment variable 'HEADLESS_CHROME'
### `gepetto`-based ops
4 years ago
Helpers to get gepetto installed:
- `install_gepetto`: Install gepetto
- `start_gepetto`: Start/stop gepetto
- `stop_gepetto`: Start/stop gepetto
API interface functions:
- `gepetto`: Create a connection to a Gepetto API server
- `gep_active`: Get test whether the gepetto server is active
- `gep_debug`: Get "debug-level" information of a running gepetto server
- `gep_render_har`: Render a page in a javascript context and serialize to HAR
- `gep_render_html`: Render a page in a javascript context and serialize to HTML
- `gep_render_magick`: Render a page in a javascript context and take a screenshot
- `gep_render_pdf`: Render a page in a javascript context and rendero to PDF
More information on `gepetto` is forthcoming but you can take a sneak peek [here](
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## Installation
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``` r
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## Usage
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# current verison
## [1] '0.3.0'
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## {xml_document}
## <html>
## [1] <head>\n<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">\n<meta http-equiv="content-type" valu ...
## [2] <body id="manpage">\n<a href=""><img style="position: absolute; top: 0; rig ...
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## format width height colorspace filesize
## 1 PNG 1600 1200 sRGB 215680
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