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#' Read a URL via headless Chrome and return the raw or rendered `<body>` `innerHTML` DOM elements
#' @md
#' @note This only grabs the `<body>` `innerHTML` contents
#' @param url URL to read from
#' @param render if `TRUE` then return an `xml_document`, else the raw HTML (invisibly)
#' @param chrome_bin the path to Chrome (auto-set from `HEADLESS_CHROME` environment variable)
#' @export
#' @examples
#' chrome_read_html("")
chrome_read_html <- function(url, render=TRUE, chrome_bin=Sys.getenv("HEADLESS_CHROME")) {
args <- c("--headless")
args <- c(args, "--disable-gpu")
args <- c(args, "--no-sandbox")
args <- c(args, "--allow-no-sandbox-job")
args <- c(args, sprintf("--user-data-dir=%s", .get_app_dir()))
args <- c(args, sprintf("--crash-dumps-dir=%s", .get_app_dir()))
args <- c(args, sprintf("--utility-allowed-dir=%s", .get_app_dir()))
args <- c(args, "--dump-dom", url)
command = chrome_bin,
args = args,
error_on_status = FALSE,
echo_cmd = FALSE,
echo = FALSE
) -> res
if (render) xml2::read_html(res$stdout) else return(invisible(res$stdout))