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# decapitated

Headless 'Chrome' Orchestration

## Description

The 'Chrome' browser <> has a headless mode
which can be instrumented programmatically. Tools are provided to perform headless
'Chrome' instrumentation on the command-line, including retrieving the javascript-executed web page, PDF output or screen shot of a URL.


You'll need to set an envrionment variable `HEADLESS_CHROME` to one of these two values:

- Windows(32bit): `C:/Program Files/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe`
- Windows(64bit): `C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe`
- macOS: `/Applications/Google\\ Chrome`
- Linux: `/usr/bin/google-chrome`

A guess is made (but not verified yet) if `HEADLESS_CHROME` is non-existent.

It's best to use `~/.Renviron` to store this value for the time being.

## What's in the tin?

The following functions are implemented:

- `chrome_dump_pdf`: "Print" to PDF
- `chrome_read_html`: Read a URL via headless Chrome and return the raw or rendered '<body>' 'innerHTML' DOM elements
- `chrome_shot`: Capture a screenshot
- `chrome_version`: Get Chrome version
- `get_chrome_env`: get an envrionment variable 'HEADLESS_CHROME'
- `set_chrome_env`: set an envrionment variable 'HEADLESS_CHROME'

## Installation

```{r eval=FALSE}

```{r message=FALSE, warning=FALSE, error=FALSE, include=FALSE}

## Usage

```{r message=FALSE, warning=FALSE, error=FALSE}

# current verison



```{r eval=FALSE, message=FALSE, warning=FALSE, error=FALSE}

```{r message=FALSE, warning=FALSE, error=FALSE, eval=FALSE}

## format width height colorspace filesize
## 1 PNG 1600 1200 sRGB 215680