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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/chrome-pdf.r
\title{"Print" to PDF}
chrome_dump_pdf(url, path = NULL, overwrite = TRUE,
chrome_bin = Sys.getenv("HEADLESS_CHROME"))
\item{url}{URL to read from}
\item{path}{path (with optional output filename) for the generated PDF. If \code{NULL} then
and \code{overwrite} is \code{FALSE}, the fuction will will ensure a uniquely-named file is
placed in the current working directory by incrementing trailing numbers before
the end of it.}
\item{overwrite}{overwrite existing file? Default: \code{TRUE}}
\item{chrome_bin}{the path to Chrome (auto-set from \code{HEADLESS_CHROME} environment variable)}
output fileame (invisibly)
"Print" to PDF
The default Chrome filename is \code{output.pdf}