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\title{Headless 'Chrome' Orchestration}
The 'Chrome' browser \url{} has a headless mode
which can be instrumented programmatically. Tools are provided to perform headless
Chrome' instrumentation on the command-line, including retrieving the javascript-executed
web page, PDF output or screen shot of a URL.
You'll need to set an envrionment variable \code{HEADLESS_CHROME} to one of these two values:
\item Windows(32bit): \code{C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe}
\item Windows(64bit): \code{C:\\Program Files (x86)/Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe}
\item macOS: \code{/Applications/Google\\ Chrome}
\item Linux: \code{/usr/bin/google-chrome}
A guess is made (but not verified yet) if \code{HEADLESS_CHROME} is non-existent.
Use \code{~/.Renviron} to store this value for the time being.
Bob Rudis (