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# delphiepidata

Query the 'CMU' 'DELPHI' Epidemiological Data 'API'

## Description

The 'CMU' 'DELPHI' (<>) service provides an aggregated, central point of access to influenza-like illness ('ILI') related data sources. Methods are provided to query all supported endpoints.

- DELPHI API docs: <>
- DELPHI: <>
- URL: <>
- BugReports: <>

## What's Inside The Tin

The following functions are implemented:

- `cdc`: Fetch CDC page hits
- `delphi`: Fetch Delphi's forecast
- `dengue_nowcast`: Fetch Delphi's PAHO Dengue nowcast
- `dengue_sensors`: Fetch Delphi's digital surveillance sensors
- `flusurv`: Fetch FluSurv data
- `fluview`: Fetch FluView data
- `fluview_clinical`: Fetch FluView virological data
- `gft`: Fetch Google Flu Trends data
- `ght`: Fetch Google Health Trends data
- `meta`: Fetch API metadata
- `meta_norostat`: Fetch NoroSTAT metadata
- `nidss_dengue`: Fetch NIDSS dengue data
- `nidss_flu`: Fetch NIDSS flu data
- `norostat`: Fetch NoroSTAT data (point data, no min/max)
- `nowcast`: Fetch Delphi's wILI nowcast
- `quidel`: Fetch Quidel data
- `sensors`: Fetch Delphi's digital surveillance sensors
- `twitter`: Fetch HealthTweets data
- `wiki`: Fetch Wikipedia access data

## Installation

```{r install-ex, eval=FALSE}
# or
# or (if you must)

## Usage

```{r lib-ex}

# current version


## delphiepidata Metrics

```{r cloc, echo=FALSE}

## Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a [Contributor Code of Conduct](
By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.