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Query the ‘CMU’ ‘DELPHI’ Epidemiological Data ‘API’


The ‘CMU’ ‘DELPHI’ ( service provides an aggregated, central point of access to influenza-like illness (‘ILI’) related data sources. Methods are provided to query all supported endpoints.

What’s Inside The Tin

The following functions are implemented:

  • cdc: Fetch CDC page hits
  • delphi: Fetch Delphi’s forecast
  • dengue_nowcast: Fetch Delphi’s PAHO Dengue nowcast
  • dengue_sensors: Fetch Delphi’s digital surveillance sensors
  • flusurv: Fetch FluSurv data
  • fluview: Fetch FluView data
  • fluview_clinical: Fetch FluView virological data
  • gft: Fetch Google Flu Trends data
  • ght: Fetch Google Health Trends data
  • meta: Fetch API metadata
  • meta_norostat: Fetch NoroSTAT metadata
  • nidss_dengue: Fetch NIDSS dengue data
  • nidss_flu: Fetch NIDSS flu data
  • norostat: Fetch NoroSTAT data (point data, no min/max)
  • nowcast: Fetch Delphi’s wILI nowcast
  • quidel: Fetch Quidel data
  • sensors: Fetch Delphi’s digital surveillance sensors
  • twitter: Fetch HealthTweets data
  • wiki: Fetch Wikipedia access data


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# current version
## [1] '0.1.0'

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