Tools to work with the Google DNS over HTTPS API in R
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# gdns 0.4.0
* Updated the JSON API endpoint per Google notification
* Added `dig()` alias for `query()`
* Added an `` coercer for query results
* Added IANA DNS-related datasets
# gdns 0.3.1
* fixed bug in `bulk_query()`
# gdns 0.3.0
* removed purrr, dplyr and tibble dependencies
* `bulk_query()` now returns the original query string in a `query` column
* added `resource_record_tbl` data frame of DNS RR metadata
5 years ago
# gdns 0.2.1
* Fix CRAN checks due to purrr insanity
# gdns 0.2.0
* CRAN release
* Added a `` file to track changes to the package.