Vectorized query, returning only answers in a data frame

bulk_query(entities, type = 1, edns_client_subnet = "")


character vector of entities to query
RR type can be represented as a number in [1, 65535] or canonical string (A, aaaa, etc). More information on RR types can be found
The edns0-client-subnet option. Format is an IP address with a subnet mask. Examples:, 2001:700:300::/48. If you are using DNS-over-HTTPS because of privacy concerns, and do not want any part of your IP address to be sent to authoritative nameservers for geographic location accuracy, use edns_client_subnet= Google Public DNS normally sends approximate network information (usually replacing the last part of your IPv4 address with zeroes). is the default.


data.frame of only answers (use query() for detailed responses)


this is a fairly naive function. It expects Answer to be one of the return value list slots. The intent for it was to make it easier to do bulk forward queries. It will get smarter in future versions.


hosts <- c("", "", "", "", "") gdns::bulk_query(hosts)
#> name type TTL data #> 1 1 3599 #> 2 1 299 #> 3 1 7199 #> 4 1 3599 #> 5 1 1006 #> 6 1 1006 #> 7 1 1006 #>