Tools to work with the Google DNS over HTTPS API in R
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<title>bulk_query. gdns</title>
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<h1>Vectorized query, returning only answers in a data frame</h1>
<div class="row">
<div class="col-md-9">
<p>Vectorized query, returning only answers in a data frame</p>
<pre><span class='fu'>bulk_query</span>(<span class='no'>entities</span>, <span class='kw'>type</span> <span class='kw'>=</span> <span class='fl'>1</span>, <span class='kw'>edns_client_subnet</span> <span class='kw'>=</span> <span class='st'>""</span>)</pre>
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
<dd>character vector of entities to query</dd>
<dd>RR type can be represented as a number in [1, 65535] or canonical
string (A, aaaa, etc). More information on RR types can be
found <a href = 'here'></a>.</dd>
<dd>The edns0-client-subnet option. Format is an IP
address with a subnet mask. Examples: <code></code>,
If you are using DNS-over-HTTPS because of privacy concerns, and do
not want any part of your IP address to be sent to authoritative
nameservers for geographic location accuracy, use
<code>edns_client_subnet=</code>. Google Public DNS normally sends
approximate network information (usually replacing the last part of
your IPv4 address with zeroes). <code></code> is the default.</dd>
<div class="Value">
<p><code>data.frame</code> of only answers (use <code>query()</code> for detailed responses)</p>
<div class="Note">
<p>this is a fairly naive function. It expects <code>Answer</code> to be one of the
return value list slots. The intent for it was to make it easier
to do bulk forward queries. It will get smarter in future versions.</p>
<div class="References">
<p><a href = ''></a></p>
<h2 id="examples">Examples</h2>
<pre class="examples"><div class='input'><span class='no'>hosts</span> <span class='kw'>&lt;-</span> <span class='fu'>c</span>(<span class='st'>""</span>, <span class='st'>""</span>, <span class='st'>""</span>, <span class='st'>""</span>, <span class='st'>""</span>)
<span class='kw'>gdns</span><span class='kw'>::</span><span class='fu'>bulk_query</span>(<span class='no'>hosts</span>)</div><div class='output co'>#&gt; name type TTL data
#&gt; 1 1 3599
#&gt; 2 1 299
#&gt; 3 1 7199
#&gt; 4 1 3599
#&gt; 5 1 1006
#&gt; 6 1 1006
#&gt; 7 1 1006
#&gt; </div></pre>
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