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boB Rudis 8dab4ceeaa
re-gen docs 6 years ago
boB Rudis 02590ea5d9 Fixes #29 6 years ago
Robert Link 5a039fd67d Make coord_proj() work with more recent versions of ggplot2 7 years ago
Bob Rudis 30dc0dade4 restored figures in the man pages 7 years ago
Bob Rudis 191c3ce07d geom_stateface 7 years ago
boB Rudis 92ab0188cc byte_format 7 years ago
Bob Rudis 8ec2393991 fixing travis 8 years ago
Bob Rudis bd2751b213 Fixed description gh url 8 years ago
hrbrmstr 6c1b2fa50b latex figures! 8 years ago
hrbrmstr 3a31652ade figures! 8 years ago
boB Rudis 2c1a09e83b pre-CRAN submission testing 8 years ago
hrbrmstr adbe50e963 compiled with new na.rm policy in ggplot2 8 years ago
hrbrmstr fb4de66649 better 2D docs 8 years ago
hrbrmstr 212f86cb68 better bkd2D @examples 8 years ago
hrbrmstr 2503e1b85b 2D density plots 8 years ago