Extra Coordinate Systems, 'Geoms', Statistical Transformations, Scales and Fonts for 'ggplot2'
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782 B


  • geom_ubar() : uniform bar charts based on geom_segment()


  • Fixed coord_proj()
  • Removed pokemon colors (et al)
  • Added dotted-gridline guide for geom\_dumbbell()
  • Complete parameter re-write to geom\_dumbbell()
  • New geoms & stats by Ben Bolker, Jan Schulz and Carson Sievert
  • Ben Marwick also did his best to keep up with my fat-fingering but I'm snuck a few in before the release


  • Added geom_lollipop() to make it easer to create lollipop charts


  • Incorporated ProPublica StateFace font
  • geom_encircle() contributed by Ben Bolker


  • Pokemon discrete color scales!
  • byte_format (et al) scales (e.g. 10000 => 10 Kb)