A 'ggplot2' Extension for Visualizing Density, Distribution, Hazard, or Survival Functions using the 'logspline' Package
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\title{Base ggproto classes for gglogspline}
\format{An object of class \code{StatLogspline} (inherits from \code{Stat}, \code{ggproto}, \code{gg}) of length 4.}
Base ggproto classes for gglogspline
\section{Computed variables}{
\item \code{density} : the density estimate
\item \code{count}: computed counts (similar to \code{\link[ggplot2:stat_density]{ggplot2::stat_density()}})
\item \code{probs}: distribution function
\item \code{survival}: survival function
\item \code{hazard} : hazard function
By default the \code{y} aesthetic is mapped to \code{stat(density)}