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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/mercury.r
\title{Retrieve parsed content of a URL processed by the Postlight Mercury API}
just_the_facts(url, mercury_api_key = Sys.getenv("MERCURY_API_KEY"))
\method{print}{hgr}(x, ...)
\item{url}{URL to retrieve}
\item{mercury_api_key}{your Mercury API key. The function looks for it in \code{MERCURY_API_KEY}
but you can specify it manually as well. Get your key \href{}{here}.}
\item{x}{\code{hgr} object}
\href{}{Mercury} takes any web article and returns only the
relevant content --- headline, author, body text, relevant images and more --- free
from any clutter.
URL <- ""