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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/theme-colors.R
\title{Adaptive colors colors for {hrbragg} themes}
adaptive_color(mode = c("light", "dark", "rstudio"), light, dark)
mode = c("light", "dark", "rstudio"),
light = "white",
dark = "#121212"
mode = c("light", "dark", "rstudio"),
light = "#262626",
dark = "#e1e1e1"
\item{mode}{\code{dark}, \code{light}, or \code{rstudio} to base it on RStudio's active theme}
\item{light, dark}{light and dark colors to auto-select from}
\item{dark}{dark color to use}
length 1 character vector that represents a valid color
Explicit foreground/background theme color functions are provided
along with the primary adaptive color switcher function.