Opinionated, typographic-centric ggplot2 themes and theme components
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hrbrthemes 0.8.0

  • Changes to conform to forthcoming {ggplot2} release

hrbrthemes 0.7.2

  • Further enhancements to the scale_[xy]_… functions to support passing in of all the …_format() params to make them more flexible

hrbrthemes 0.7.1

  • Small modification to percent scales to account for changes in {ggplot2}
  • Additional precision in setting various theme elements

hrbrthemes 0.7.0

  • fix CRAN check errors

hrbrthemes 0.6.0

  • new themes & fonts
  • doc fixes

hrbrthemes 0.5.0

New Stuff

  • flush_ticks() for easier alignment of x/y axis labels
  • ipsum_pdf R Markdown format for using hrbrthemes in PDFs
  • theme_ipsum_tw() (+ fonts) a Titillium Web-based theme
  • Updated theme_modern_rc()

hrbrthemes 0.3.2

New Stuff

  • IBM Plex Sans font + theme
  • New "dark" RC theme mostly for RStudio plotting

Changed Stuff

  • Removed purrr dependency
  • Tweaked scale_s with expand=c(0.01,0)
  • Secondary axis support (by Dan Wilson)
  • Updated tests

hrbrthemes 0.2.0

Changed Stuff

  • Added vdiffr tests for the two core themes.
  • Moved hunspell and stringi to Suggests and added namespace tests to gg_check().
  • Added dict and ignore parameters (with defaults) to gg_check() (@karldw) [PR #3].
  • Fixed typos (@benmarwick) [PR #1].
  • Spelling in vignette fixed (@zx8754) [Issue #6].
  • New lighter grid color default #cccccc [Issue #7].
  • Added font auto-loading (@alexwhan) [Issue #12].
  • Made base font 0.5 pts larger

hrbrthemes 0.1.0

New Stuff

  • Initial release with 'Roboto Condensed' and 'Arial Narrow' fonts based 'ggplot2' themes.
  • Muted discrete color palette with 9 colors.
  • 'ggplot2' scales for percentage and comma.