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## Test environments
* local OS X install, R 3.3.1 (clang)
* ubuntu 12.04 (on travis-ci), oldrel, release & devel
* win-builder (devel and release)
* local 32-bit Windows 10 R 3.3.1
* local ubuntu 14.04 R 3.3.1 & R-devel
## R CMD check results
0 errors | 0 warnings | 2 notes
* This is a new release.
* XHTML is a valid and widely used acronym
This is a new release, so there are no reverse dependencies.
This fixes a fairly nasty bug that was
user-identfied fairly early after release
but I didn't want to bug the CRAN team
so quickly after the CRAN acceptange. This
also addes new functionality and (optionally)
provides more informaiton on the tidying