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7 years ago
Package: htmltidy
Title: Clean Up or Pretty Print Gnarly HTML and XHTML
Version: 0.2.0
Authors@R: c(
6 years ago
person("Bob", "Rudis", email = "", role = c("aut", "cre")),
person("Dave", "Dave", email = "", role = c("ctb", "aut"),
comment="HTML Tidy library")
Maintainer: Bob Rudis <>
6 years ago
Description: HTML documents can be beautiful and pristine. They can also be
wretched, evil, malformed demon-spawn. Now, you can tidy up that HTML and XHTML
before processing it with your favorite angle-bracket crunching tools, going beyond
the limited tidying that 'libxml2' affords in the 'XML' and 'xml2' packages and
taming even the ugliest HTML code generated by the likes of Google Docs and Microsoft
Word. It's also possible to use the functions provided to format or "pretty print"
HTML content as it is being tidied.
Copyright: ile inst/COPYRIGHTS
6 years ago
R (>= 3.2.0)
License: AGPL
7 years ago
LazyData: true
NeedsCompilation: yes
7 years ago
LinkingTo: Rcpp
6 years ago
RoxygenNote: 5.0.1