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#ifndef __CLEAN_H__
#define __CLEAN_H__
/* clean.h -- clean up misuse of presentation markup
(c) 1998-2006 (W3C) MIT, ERCIM, Keio University
See tidy.h for the copyright notice.
void TY_(FixNodeLinks)(Node *node);
void TY_(FreeStyles)( TidyDocImpl* doc );
/* Add class="foo" to node
void TY_(AddStyleAsClass)( TidyDocImpl* doc, Node *node, ctmbstr stylevalue );
void TY_(AddStyleProperty)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node *node, ctmbstr property );
void TY_(CleanDocument)( TidyDocImpl* doc );
/* simplifies <b><b> ... </b> ...</b> etc. */
void TY_(NestedEmphasis)( TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node );
/* replace i by em and b by strong */
void TY_(EmFromI)( TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node );
Some people use dir or ul without an li
to indent the content. The pattern to
look for is a list with a single implicit
li. This is recursively replaced by an
implicit blockquote.
void TY_(List2BQ)( TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node );
Replace implicit blockquote by div with an indent
taking care to reduce nested blockquotes to a single
div with the indent set to match the nesting depth
void TY_(BQ2Div)( TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node );
void TY_(DropSections)( TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node );
This is a major clean up to strip out all the extra stuff you get
when you save as web page from Word 2000. It doesn't yet know what
to do with VML tags, but these will appear as errors unless you
declare them as new tags, such as o:p which needs to be declared
as inline.
void TY_(CleanWord2000)( TidyDocImpl* doc, Node *node);
Bool TY_(IsWord2000)( TidyDocImpl* doc );
/* where appropriate move object elements from head to body */
void TY_(BumpObject)( TidyDocImpl* doc, Node *html );
/* This is disabled due to */
#if 0
void TY_(FixBrakes)( TidyDocImpl* pDoc, Node *pParent );
void TY_(VerifyHTTPEquiv)( TidyDocImpl* pDoc, Node *pParent );
void TY_(DropComments)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node);
void TY_(DropFontElements)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node, Node **pnode);
void TY_(WbrToSpace)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node);
void TY_(DowngradeTypography)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node);
void TY_(ReplacePreformattedSpaces)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node);
void TY_(NormalizeSpaces)(Lexer *lexer, Node *node);
void TY_(ConvertCDATANodes)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node);
void TY_(FixAnchors)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node *node, Bool wantName, Bool wantId);
void TY_(FixXhtmlNamespace)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Bool wantXmlns);
void TY_(FixLanguageInformation)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node, Bool wantXmlLang, Bool wantLang);
#endif /* __CLEAN_H__ */