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#ifndef __FORWARD_H__
#define __FORWARD_H__
/* forward.h -- Forward declarations for major Tidy structures
(c) 1998-2007 (W3C) MIT, ERCIM, Keio University
See tidy.h for the copyright notice.
Avoids many include file circular dependencies.
Try to keep this file down to the minimum to avoid
cross-talk between modules.
Header files include this file. C files include tidy-int.h.
#include "tidyplatform.h"
#include "tidy.h"
/* Internal symbols are prefixed to avoid clashes with other libraries */
#define TYDYAPPEND(str1,str2) str1##str2
#define TY_(str) TYDYAPPEND(prvTidy,str)
struct _StreamIn;
typedef struct _StreamIn StreamIn;
struct _StreamOut;
typedef struct _StreamOut StreamOut;
struct _TidyDocImpl;
typedef struct _TidyDocImpl TidyDocImpl;
struct _Dict;
typedef struct _Dict Dict;
struct _Attribute;
typedef struct _Attribute Attribute;
struct _AttVal;
typedef struct _AttVal AttVal;
struct _Node;
typedef struct _Node Node;
struct _IStack;
typedef struct _IStack IStack;
struct _Lexer;
typedef struct _Lexer Lexer;
extern TidyAllocator TY_(g_default_allocator);
/** Wrappers for easy memory allocation using an allocator */
#define TidyAlloc(allocator, size) ((allocator)->vtbl->alloc((allocator), (size)))
#define TidyRealloc(allocator, block, size) ((allocator)->vtbl->realloc((allocator), (block), (size)))
#define TidyFree(allocator, block) ((allocator)->vtbl->free((allocator), (block)))
#define TidyPanic(allocator, msg) ((allocator)->vtbl->panic((allocator), (msg)))
#define TidyClearMemory(block, size) memset((block), 0, (size))
#endif /* __FORWARD_H__ */