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#ifndef language_es_mx_h
#define language_es_mx_h
* language_es_mx.h
* Localization support for HTML Tidy.
* This file is a localization file for HTML Tidy. It will have been machine
* generated or created and/or edited by hand. Both are valid options, but
* please help keep our localization efforts simple to maintain by maintaining
* the structure of this file, and changing the check box below if you make
* changes (so others know the file origin):
* [X] THIS FILE IS MACHINE GENERATED. It is a localization file for the
* language (and maybe region) "es_mx". The source of
* these strings is a gettext PO file in Tidy's source, probably called
* "language_es_mx.po".
* [ ] THIS FILE WAS HAND MODIFIED. Translators, please feel to edit this file
* directly (and check this box). If you prefer to edit PO files then use
* `poconvert.rb msgunfmt language_es_mx.h` (our own
* conversion tool) to generate a fresh PO from this file first!
* (c) 2015 HTACG
* See tidy.h and access.h for the copyright notice.
* Template Created by Jim Derry on 01/14/2016.
* Orginating PO file metadata:
* PO_REVISION_DATE=2016-03-24 10:59:55
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma execution_character_set("utf-8")
#include "language.h"
#include "access.h"
#include "message.h"
* This language-specific function returns the correct pluralForm
* to use given n items, and is used as a member of each language
* definition.
static uint whichPluralForm_es_mx(uint n) {
/* Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; */
return n != 1;
* This structure specifies all of the strings needed by Tidy for a
* single language. Static definition in a header file makes it
* easy to include and exclude languages without tinkering with
* the build system.
static languageDefinition language_es_mx = { whichPluralForm_es_mx, {
** This MUST be present and first.
** Specify the code for this language.
{/* Specify the ll or ll_cc language code here. */
TIDY_LANGUAGE, 0, "es_mx"
"¿Le gustaría ver Tidy en adecuada, español mexicano? Por favor considere \n"
"ayudarnos a localizar HTML Tidy. Para más detalles consulte \n"
" \n"
{/* This MUST be present and last. */
#endif /* language_es_mx_h */