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#ifndef __PPRINT_H__
#define __PPRINT_H__
/* pprint.h -- pretty print parse tree
(c) 1998-2007 (W3C) MIT, ERCIM, Keio University
See tidy.h for the copyright notice.
#include "forward.h"
Block-level and unknown elements are printed on
new lines and their contents indented 2 spaces
Inline elements are printed inline.
Inline content is wrapped on spaces (except in
attribute values or preformatted text, after
start tags and before end tags
#define NORMAL 0u
#define COMMENT 2u
#define ATTRIBVALUE 4u
#define NOWRAP 8u
#define CDATA 16u
/* The pretty printer keeps at most two lines of text in the
** buffer before flushing output. We need to capture the
** indent state (indent level) at the _beginning_ of _each_
** line, not the end of just the second line.
** We must also keep track "In Attribute" and "In String"
** states at the _end_ of each line,
typedef struct _TidyIndent
int spaces;
int attrValStart;
int attrStringStart;
} TidyIndent;
typedef struct _TidyPrintImpl
TidyAllocator *allocator; /* Allocator */
uint *linebuf;
uint lbufsize;
uint linelen;
uint wraphere;
uint line;
uint ixInd;
TidyIndent indent[2]; /* Two lines worth of indent state */
} TidyPrintImpl;
/* #431953 - start RJ Wraplen adjusted for smooth international ride */
uint CWrapLen( TidyDocImpl* doc, uint ind );
void TY_(InitPrintBuf)( TidyDocImpl* doc );
void TY_(FreePrintBuf)( TidyDocImpl* doc );
void TY_(PFlushLine)( TidyDocImpl* doc, uint indent );
/* print just the content of the body element.
** useful when you want to reuse material from
** other documents.
** -- Sebastiano Vigna <>
void TY_(PrintBody)( TidyDocImpl* doc ); /* you can print an entire document */
/* node as body using PPrintTree() */
void TY_(PPrintTree)( TidyDocImpl* doc, uint mode, uint indent, Node *node );
void TY_(PPrintXMLTree)( TidyDocImpl* doc, uint mode, uint indent, Node *node );
* 20150515 - support using tabs instead of spaces
void TY_(PPrintTabs)(void);
void TY_(PPrintSpaces)(void);
#endif /* __PPRINT_H__ */