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#ifndef __TIDY_INT_H__
#define __TIDY_INT_H__
/* tidy-int.h -- internal library declarations
(c) 1998-2007 (W3C) MIT, ERCIM, Keio University
See tidy.h for the copyright notice.
#include "tidy.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "lexer.h"
#include "tags.h"
#include "attrs.h"
#include "pprint.h"
#include "access.h"
#ifndef MAX
#define MAX(a,b) (((a) > (b))?(a):(b))
#ifndef MIN
#define MIN(a,b) (((a) < (b))?(a):(b))
* Issue #166 - repeated <main> element
* Change the previous on/off uint flag badForm
* to a BIT flag to support other than <form>
* errors. This could be extended more...
#define flg_BadForm 0x00000001
#define flg_BadMain 0x00000002
struct _TidyDocImpl
/* The Document Tree (and backing store buffer) */
Node root; /* This MUST remain the first declared
variable in this structure */
Lexer* lexer;
/* Config + Markup Declarations */
TidyConfigImpl config;
TidyTagImpl tags;
TidyAttribImpl attribs;
/* Accessibility Checks state */
TidyAccessImpl access;
/* The Pretty Print buffer */
TidyPrintImpl pprint;
/* I/O */
StreamIn* docIn;
StreamOut* docOut;
StreamOut* errout;
TidyReportFilter mssgFilt;
TidyReportFilter2 mssgFilt2;
TidyReportFilter3 mssgFilt3;
TidyOptCallback pOptCallback;
TidyPPProgress progressCallback;
/* Parse + Repair Results */
uint optionErrors;
uint errors;
uint warnings;
uint accessErrors;
uint infoMessages;
uint docErrors;
int parseStatus;
uint badAccess; /* for accessibility errors */
uint badLayout; /* for bad style errors */
uint badChars; /* for bad char encodings */
uint badForm; /* bit field, for badly placed form tags, or other format errors */
Bool HTML5Mode; /* current mode is html5 */
/* Memory allocator */
TidyAllocator* allocator;
/* Miscellaneous */
void* appData;
uint nClassId;
Bool inputHadBOM;
Bool storeText;
struct utimbuf filetimes;
tmbstr givenDoctype;
/* Twizzle internal/external types */
#ifdef NEVER
TidyDocImpl* tidyDocToImpl( TidyDoc tdoc );
TidyDoc tidyImplToDoc( TidyDocImpl* impl );
Node* tidyNodeToImpl( TidyNode tnod );
TidyNode tidyImplToNode( Node* node );
AttVal* tidyAttrToImpl( TidyAttr tattr );
TidyAttr tidyImplToAttr( AttVal* attval );
const TidyOptionImpl* tidyOptionToImpl( TidyOption topt );
TidyOption tidyImplToOption( const TidyOptionImpl* option );
#define tidyDocToImpl( tdoc ) ((TidyDocImpl*)(tdoc))
#define tidyImplToDoc( doc ) ((TidyDoc)(doc))
#define tidyNodeToImpl( tnod ) ((Node*)(tnod))
#define tidyImplToNode( node ) ((TidyNode)(node))
#define tidyAttrToImpl( tattr ) ((AttVal*)(tattr))
#define tidyImplToAttr( attval ) ((TidyAttr)(attval))
#define tidyOptionToImpl( topt ) ((const TidyOptionImpl*)(topt))
#define tidyImplToOption( option ) ((TidyOption)(option))
/** Wrappers for easy memory allocation using the document's allocator */
#define TidyDocAlloc(doc, size) TidyAlloc((doc)->allocator, size)
#define TidyDocRealloc(doc, block, size) TidyRealloc((doc)->allocator, block, size)
#define TidyDocFree(doc, block) TidyFree((doc)->allocator, block)
#define TidyDocPanic(doc, msg) TidyPanic((doc)->allocator, msg)
int TY_(DocParseStream)( TidyDocImpl* impl, StreamIn* in );
[i_a] generic node tree traversal code; used in several spots.
Define your own callback, which returns one of the NodeTraversalSignal values
to instruct the tree traversal routine TraverseNodeTree() what to do.
Pass custom data to/from the callback using the 'propagate' reference.
typedef enum
ContinueTraversal, /* visit siblings and children */
SkipChildren, /* visit siblings of this node; ignore its children */
SkipSiblings, /* ignore subsequent siblings of this node; ignore their children; traverse */
SkipChildrenAndSiblings, /* visit siblings of this node; ignore its children */
VisitParent, /* REVERSE traversal: visit the parent of the current node */
ExitTraversal /* terminate traversal on the spot */
} NodeTraversalSignal;
typedef NodeTraversalSignal NodeTraversalCallBack(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node, void *propagate);
NodeTraversalSignal TY_(TraverseNodeTree)(TidyDocImpl* doc, Node* node, NodeTraversalCallBack *cb, void *propagate);
#endif /* __TIDY_INT_H__ */