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htmltidy — Clean up gnarly HTML/XML

Inspired by this SO question and because there's a great deal of cruddy HTML out there that needs fixing to use properly when scraping data.

NOTE: Requires libtidy and presently is super-basic (no way to set options and pretty much only does HTML)

You'll need to first do a brew install tidy-html5 on MacOS or apt-get install libtidy-dev on Ubuntu/Debian to get this to work. NOTE that the linux libraries may be older and return slightly different (but no less tidy) HTML.


This works enough for me to use in a pinch. It should be straightforward (but tedious) to:

  • enable passing options in a list
  • bundle libtidy with the package and get it to work on Windows, linux & MacOS as the library compiles on all three with the necessary tools.

The following functions are implemented:

  • tidy : Clean up gnarly HTML/XML





# current verison
#> [1] ''

cat(tidy("<b><p><a href=''>google &gt</a></p></b>"))
#> <!DOCTYPE html>
#> <html xmlns="">
#> <head>
#> <meta name="generator" content=
#> "HTML Tidy for HTML5 for Mac OS X version 5.2.0" />
#> <title></title>
#> </head>
#> <body>
#> <p><b><a href=''>google &gt;</a></b></p>
#> </body>
#> </html>

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