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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/xmlview.R
\title{HTML/XML pretty printer and viewer}
xml_view(doc, style = "default", scroll = FALSE, add_filter = FALSE,
apply_xpath = NULL, elementId = NULL, width = "100\%", height = NULL)
html_view(doc, style = "default", scroll = FALSE, add_filter = FALSE,
apply_xpath = NULL, elementId = NULL, width = "100\%", height = NULL)
\item{doc}{\code{xml2} document/node/nodeset, an \code{HTMLInternalDocument}/
\code{XMLInternalDocument} or atomic character vector of HTML/XML content}
\item{style}{CSS stylesheet to use (see \code{higlight_styles()})}
\item{scroll}{should the \code{<div>} holding the HTML/XML content scroll
(\code{TRUE}) or take up the full viewer/browser window (\code{FALSE}).
Default is \code{FALSE} (take up the full viewer/browser window). If
this is set to \code{TRUE}, \code{height} should be set to a value
other than \code{NULL}.}
\item{add_filter}{show an XPath input box to enable live filtering?
(default: \code{FALSE})}
\item{apply_xpath}{Add and apply an XPath query string to the view. If
\code{add_filter} is \code{TRUE} then this query string will
appear in the filter box and be applied to the passed in document.}
\item{elementId}{element id}
\item{width}{widget width (best to keep it at 100\%)}
\item{height}{widget height (kinda only useful for knitting since this is
meant to be an interactive tool).}
This uses the \code{vkbeautify} and \code{highlight.js} javascript modules to format and
"pretty print" HTML/XML documents, nodes, node sets and plain character
HTML/XML in an \code{htmlwidget} pane.
Large HTML or XML content may take some time to render properly. It is suggested
that this function be used on as minimal of a subset of HTML/XML as possible
or used in a browser context vs an IDE viewer context.
# plain text
txt <- paste0("<note><to>Tove</to><from>Jani</from><heading>Reminder</heading>",
"<body>Don't forget me this weekend!</body></note>")
# xml object
doc <- read_xml(txt)
xml_view(doc, style="obsidian")
# different style
xml_view(xml_find_all(doc, ".//to"), style="github-gist")
# some more complex daata
xml_view(read_xml(system.file("extdata/dwml.xml", package="htmltidy")))
xml_view(read_xml(system.file("extdata/getHistory.xml", package="htmltidy")),
xml_view(read_xml(system.file("extdata/input.xml", package="htmltidy")),
# filter + apply an initial XPath query string
xml_view(read_xml(system.file("extdata/dwml.xml", package="xmlview")),
add_filter=TRUE, apply_xpath=".//temperature")
doc <- read_xml("")
xml_view(doc, add_filter=TRUE)
xml2::xml_find_all(doc, './/dc:creator', ns=xml2::xml_ns(doc))
xml_text(xml2::xml_find_all(doc, './/link[contains(., "soccer")]', ns=xml2::xml_ns(doc)))