Amazon Athena JDBC Driver Wrapper Supporting the 'metis' Package
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  1. % Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
  2. % Please edit documentation in R/metis-jars-package.R
  3. \docType{package}
  4. \encoding{UTF-8}
  5. \name{metis.jars}
  6. \alias{metis.jars}
  7. \title{Amazon Athena JDBC Driver Wrapper Supporting the 'metis' Package}
  8. \description{
  9. Contents of the Amazon Athena JDBC Driver
  10. \url{}
  11. provided to support functions in the 'metis' package. Version number
  12. reflects the version number of the included 'JAR' file.
  13. }
  14. \section{IMPORTANT}{
  15. Until a release of 'rJava' newer than '0.9.10' is on CRAN signals sent
  16. from interrupting Athena JDBC calls crash the R interpreter. You therefore
  17. need to set the \code{-Xrs} option to avoid signals being passed on to the JVM
  18. owner. That has to be done \emph{before} \code{rJava} is loaded so you either need
  19. to remember to put it at the top of all scripts \emph{or} stick this
  20. in your local \verb{~/.Rprofile} and/or sitewide \code{Rprofile}:\preformatted{options(
  21. "java.parameters" = c(getOption("java.parameters", default = NULL), "-Xrs")
  22. )
  23. }
  24. }
  25. \references{
  26. \href{}{Simba Athena JDBC Driver with SQL Connector Installation and Configuration Guide}
  27. }
  28. \author{
  29. Bob Rudis (
  30. }
  31. \keyword{internal}