Access and Query Amazon Athena via DBI/JDBC
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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/jdbc.r
provider = "com.simba.athena.amazonaws.auth.DefaultAWSCredentialsProviderChain",
4 years ago
region = "us-east-1",
s3_staging_dir = Sys.getenv("AWS_S3_STAGING_DIR"),
schema_name = "default", fetch_size = 1000L,
max_error_retries = 10, connection_timeout = 10000,
socket_timeout = 10000, log_path = "", log_level = 0, ...)
6 years ago
5 years ago
\item{provider}{JDBC auth provider (ideally leave default)}
\item{region}{AWS region the Athena tables are in}
\item{s3_staging_dir}{A write-able bucket on S3 that you have permissions for}
\item{schema_name}{LOL if only this actually worked with Amazon's hacked Presto driver}
\item{max_error_retries, connection_timeout, socket_timeout}{technical connection info that you should only muck with if you know what you're doing.}
5 years ago
\item{log_path, log_level}{The Athena JDBC driver can (shockingly) provide a decent bit
of data in logs. Set this to a temporary directory or something log4j can use. For
`log_level` use the names ("INFO", "DEBUG", "WARN", "ERROR", "ALL", "OFF", "FATAL", "TRACE") or
their corresponding integer values 0-6.}
5 years ago
\item{...}{passed on to the driver. See Details.}
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6 years ago
Connect to Athena
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\section{Driver Configuration Options}{
- `BinaryColumnLength`: <int> The maximum data length for `BINARY` columns. Default `32767L`
- `ComplexTypeColumnLength`: <int> The maximum data length for `ARRAY`, `MAP`, and `STRUCT` columns. Default `65535L`
- `StringColumnLength`: <int> The maximum data length for `STRING` columns. Default `255L`
5 years ago
[Connect with JDBC](;
[Simba Athena JDBC Driver with SQL Connector Installation and Configuration Guide](
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