Access and Query Amazon Athena via DBI/JDBC
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\title{Access and Query Amazon Athena via DBI/JDBC}
Methods are provides to connect to 'Amazon' 'Athena', lookup schemas/tables,
perform queries and retrieve query results. A lightweight 'RJDBC' implementation
is included along with an interface to the 'AWS' command-line utility.
Since R 3.5 (I don't remember this happening in R 3.4.x) signals sent from interrupting
Athena JDBC calls crash the R #' interpreter. You need to set the \code{-Xrs} option to avoid
signals being passed on to the JVM owner. That has to be done \emph{before} \code{rJava} is
loaded so you either need to remember to put it at the top of all scripts \emph{or} stick this
in your local #' \code{~/.Rprofile} and/or sitewide \code{Rprofile}:\preformatted{if (!grepl("-Xrs", getOption("java.parameters", ""))) {
"java.parameters" = c(getOption("java.parameters", default = NULL), "-Xrs")
\href{}{Simba Athena JDBC Driver with SQL Connector Installation and Configuration Guide}
Bob Rudis (