Access and Query Amazon Athena via DBI/JDBC
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\title{Make a JDBC connection to Athena}
athena_connect(default_schema, simple = FALSE)
\item{default_schema}{def sch}
Handles the up-front JDBC config
For all connection types it is expected that you have the following environment variables
defined (a good place is \code{~/.Renviron}):
\item \code{AWS_S3_STAGING_DIR}: the name of the S3 bucket where Athena can write stuff
\item \code{AWS_PROFILE}: the AWS profile ID in \code{~/.aws/credentials} (defaults to \code{default} if not present)
For \code{simple} == \code{FALSE} the expectation is that you're working with a managed
\code{~/.aws/credentials} file.