Access and Query Amazon Athena via DBI/JDBC
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\title{Make a JDBC connection to Athena}
athena_connect(default_schema = "default", region = c("us-east-1",
"us-east-2", "us-west-2"),
s3_staging_dir = Sys.getenv("AWS_S3_STAGING_DIR"),
max_error_retries = 10, connection_timeout = 10000,
socket_timeout = 10000, log_path = "", log_level = c("OFF",
\item{default_schema}{default schema (you'll still need to fully qualify non-default schema table names)}
\item{region}{AWS region (Ref: \url{})}
\item{s3_staging_dir}{the Amazon S3 location to which your query output is written. The JDBC driver then asks Athena to read the results and provide rows of data back to the user.}
\item{max_error_retries}{the maximum number of retries that the JDBC client attempts to make a request to Athena.}
\item{connection_timeout}{the maximum amount of time, in milliseconds, to make a successful connection to Athena before an attempt is terminated.}
\item{socket_timeout}{the maximum amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait for a socket in order to send data to Athena.}
\item{log_path}{local path of the Athena JDBC driver logs. If no log path is provided, then no log files are created.}
\item{log_level}{log level of the Athena JDBC driver logs. Use names
Handles the up-front JDBC config
ath <- athena_connect(default_schema = "sampledb",
s3_staging_dir = "s3://accessible-bucket",
log_path = "/tmp/athena.log",
log_level = "DEBUG")
dbGetQuery(ath, "SELECT * FROM sampledb.elb_logs LIMIT 1")