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#' Get or set PACKETTOTAL_API_KEY value
#' The API wrapper functions in this package all rely on a PacketTotal API
#' key residing in the environment variable `PACKETTOTAL_API_KEY`.
#' The easiest way to accomplish this is to set it
#' in the `.Renviron` file in your home directory.
#' @md
#' @param force Force setting a new PacketTotal key for the current environment?
#' @return atomic character vector containing the PacketTotal api key
#' @references <>
#' @export
packettotal_api_key <- function(force = FALSE) {
env <- Sys.getenv('PACKETTOTAL_API_KEY')
if (!identical(env, "") && !force) return(env)
if (!interactive()) {
stop("Please set env var PACKETTOTAL_API_KEY to your PacketTotal key",
call. = FALSE)
message("Couldn't find env var PACKETTOTAL_API_KEY See ?packettotal_api_key for more details.")
message("Please enter your API key:")
pat <- readline(": ")
if (identical(pat, "")) {
stop("PacketTotal key entry failed", call. = FALSE)
message("Updating PACKETTOTAL_API_KEY env var")
Sys.setenv(PACKETTOTAL_API_KEY = pat)