R wrapper for the Java CSS 2 and CSS 3 parser and builder ph-css library
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Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usablestate and is being activelydeveloped. Signedby Signed commit% Linux buildStatus
Minimal RVersion License


Java Archive Wrapper Supporting the ‘phcss’ Package


Contains all supporting JARs for working with the ‘ph-css’ Java library (https://github.com/phax/ph-css). Version number matches version number of included ‘ph-css’ library.


# or
# or
# or
# or

NOTE: To use the ‘remotes’ install options you will need to have the {remotes} package installed.



## [1] '6.2.0'

Turn a CSS file into a data frame (some bits TBD):


ECSSVersion <- J("com.helger.css.ECSSVersion")
CSSReader <- J("com.helger.css.reader.CSSReader")

css_fil <- paste0(readLines("https://www.r-project.org/css/R.css"), collapse="\n")

css <- CSSReader$readFromString(css_fil, ECSSVersion$CSS30)

lapply(css$getAllRules(), function(.x) {
  if (.jinherits(.x, "com.helger.css.decl.CSSStyleRule")) {
      selectors = sapply(.x$getAllSelectors(), function(.y) .y$getAsCSSString()),
      declarations = list(lapply(.x$getAllDeclarations(), function(.y) {
        property <- .y$getProperty()
          sapply(.y$getExpression()$getAllSimpleMembers(), function(.z) .z$getOptimizedValue()), 
          silent = TRUE
        ) -> expressions
        if (inherits(expressions, "try-error")) expressions <- NA_character_
          property = property,
          value = expressions
  } else if (.jinherits(.x, "com.helger.css.decl.CSSFontFaceRule")) {
    message("Font Face Rules TBD")
  } else if (.jinherits(.x, "com.helger.css.decl.CSSMediaRule")) {
    message("Media Rules TBD")
  } else if (.jinherits(.x, "com.helger.css.decl.CSSKeyframesRule")) {
    message("Keyframes Rules TBD")
  } else if (.jinherits(.x, "com.helger.css.decl.CSSViewportRule")) {
    message("Viewport Rules TBD")
}) %>% 
  bind_rows() %>% 
  unnest() %>% 
  unnest() -> res

selectors property value
h1 font-weight bold
h1 margin-top 0
h1 margin-bottom 0.8em
h1 font-size 2.5em
h2 font-size 1.8em
h2 color #222
h3 font-size 1.1em
h3 font-weight bold
body color #444
a:link color #3864BA
.page margin-top 2em
.sidebar margin-bottom 3em
.sidebar h2 font-size 1em
.sidebar h2 font-weight bold
.sidebar ul list-style none
.sidebar ul padding-left 0
.sidebar li margin 0
ul padding-left 1.5em
li margin 0.5em
li margin 0
blockquote font-size 1em
blockquote padding-top 0
blockquote padding-bottom 0
blockquote padding-left 1em
table small color #666
.footer border-top 2px
.footer border-top solid
.footer border-top #ddd
.footer background-color #fafafa
.footer margin-top 3em
.footer padding 1em
.footer padding 0.5em
.footer padding 1.5em
.footer padding 0.5em
.footer font-size 90%
.footer color #666
#rtable li span padding 5px
#rtable li span padding 3px
.selected span background-color #fff
.selected span a font-weight bold
#mirror min-height 1em
#mirror select line-height 1
#mirror select background-color white
#mirror select border 1px
#mirror select border solid
#mirror select border #ccc
#rtable li margin 0.8em
#rtable li margin 0
.downloads min-height 20px
.downloads padding 10px
.downloads margin-bottom 1em
.downloads background-color #f5f5f5
.downloads border 1px
.downloads border solid
.downloads border #e3e3e3
.downloads border-radius 4px
.downloads -webkit-box-shadow inset
.downloads -webkit-box-shadow 0
.downloads -webkit-box-shadow 1px
.downloads -webkit-box-shadow 1px
.downloads box-shadow inset
.downloads box-shadow 0
.downloads box-shadow 1px
.downloads box-shadow 1px

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