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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/doh-get.R
\title{Make a DoH Request (GET/REST)}
doh_get(name, type = "a", extra_params = list(),
service_path = "")
\item{name}{name to query for}
\item{type}{DNS query type (defaults to "\code{A}")}
\item{extra_params}{any special \code{GET} query parameter needed for a given server API endpoint.
this should be a named \code{list}.}
\item{server_path}{full URL path to the DoH server quer endpoint (defaults to Quad9).}
\code{NULL} (if the query failed) or a \code{data.frame} (tibble)
Issue a \code{GET} REST API query of type \code{type} for \code{name} to the
DoH endpoint specified at \code{server_path}.
doh_get("", "A")
doh_get("", "TXT")
doh_get(to_inaddr_arpa(""), "PTR")