Tools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service in R
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2 年之前
  1. ## Test environments
  2. * local macOS install, R 3.5.2 on both macOS 10.14
  3. * local ubuntu 3.5.1
  4. * ubuntu on travis-ci, R oldrel, current and r-devel
  5. * win-builder (devel and release)
  6. ---
  7. Per a note from Kurt the splashr now uses the
  8. stevedore package since the docker package is
  9. likely being retired from CRAN.
  10. The invalid URL in the vignette (as noted in
  11. an email thread) has been fixed.
  12. Tests require instllation of ~1.2GB docker image
  13. which also means docker needs to be available.
  14. Examples also require a Splash instance (dockerized
  15. or full install) to work. Therefore, as has been the
  16. case since the previous CRAN version, examples
  17. are marked as dontrun and tests do not run on CRAN.
  18. They do run monthly and on every repo push in Travis
  20. I can modify any of the above behavior to conform
  21. to any CRAN policy I may be violating.
  22. License has been changed to MIT.
  23. As always, thanks to the CRAN team for their
  24. herculean efforts to keep the R package universe
  25. healthy!