Tools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service in R
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  1. Package: splashr
  2. Type: Package
  3. Title: Tools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service
  4. Version: 0.1.0
  5. Date: 2017-02-03
  6. Encoding: UTF-8
  7. Author: Bob Rudis (
  8. Maintainer: Bob Rudis <>
  9. Description: 'Splash' <> is a javascript rendering service.
  10. It’s a lightweight web browser with an 'HTTP' API, implemented in Python using 'Twisted'
  11. and 'QT' and provides some of the core functionality of the 'RSelenium' or 'seleniumPipes'
  12. R pacakges but with a Java-free footprint. The (twisted) 'QT' reactor is used to make the
  13. sever fully asynchronous allowing to take advantage of 'webkit' concurrency via QT main loop.
  14. Some of Splash features include the ability to process multiple webpages in parallel;
  15. retrieving HTML results and/or take screenshots; disabling images or use Adblock Plus rules
  16. to make rendering faster; executing custom JavaScript in page context; getting detailed
  17. rendering info in HAR format.
  18. URL:
  19. BugReports:
  20. License: AGPL
  21. Suggests:
  22. testthat
  23. Depends:
  24. R (>= 3.2.0)
  25. Imports:
  26. purrr,
  27. httr,
  28. xml2,
  29. jsonlite,
  30. magick
  31. RoxygenNote: 6.0.0