14 Commits (55adc4feb3986f11baec55511e5db7830c17c075)

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  boB Rudis 55adc4feb3
updated vignette 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 34c15bb3f0
pre-CRAN flight check 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 713450e229
CRAN test 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 9a328819fa
forgot 8050 in docker 1 year ago
  boB Rudis 36b748ba81
replaces 'docker' with 'stevedore'; fixed minor cran checks 1 year ago
  boB Rudis fc77b059c2
working on vignettes 2 years ago
  boB Rudis 9aeb2c923f
Splash 3.0 and docker pacakge test on Travis 2 years ago
  boB Rudis a7c5406264
Docs 3 years ago
  boB Rudis fbc8b84c35 fixed some dox, added generic lua add function to DSL; properly named as_response 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 5a7794deba basic pkg tests 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 950c555c98 ran CRAN checks and cleaned the code up a bit 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 5df93a75e1 README 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 5978ee2680 spelling 3 years ago
  boB Rudis f0201015ad render file 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 703f33afb3 mod to handle migration to sys in harbort 3 years ago
  boB Rudis a9d3880dac Tweaks to docker functions 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 9c5f807b5b fixup some harbor/docker things that were broken 3 years ago
  boB Rudis 513b3d57cf wch/harbor docker helper functions 3 years ago